There is a new park and cultural centre near the Kremlin and Red Square. The park features an interactive archaeology museum, a floral greenhouse, installations from leading cultural institutions, and a large open-air amphitheatre


Media Center

Media Center is the first pavilion in the park on the way from Red Square and is the most crowded space of Zaryadye. Here you will find a tourist information center, two modern media complexes - Soaring and Time Machine, an exhibition hall, a souvenir shop and a cafe. In front of the entrance to the Media Center, as well as inside the pavilions, there are information stands "Moscow Now" - interactive terminals with a billboard of cultural events of Zaryadye and information about all the sights in the park. On the lower ground of the pavilion a multifunctional exhibition space for temporary expositions is located.



Artificial climate in a greenhouse with a glass roof allows maintaining the temperature and humidity regime necessary for heat-loving plants.

Заповедное посольство

Nature Center

Scientific-educational center for conducting laboratory experiments, conferences, lectures and seminars on genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, geography, and ecology. Educational programs, quests and master classes of the Nature Center are designed for children of different ages, students and adults. In this pavilion, there is also a Florarium - a multi-staged greenhouse with an artificial climate for the cultivation of tropical plants with the help of an aeroponic system - growing plants in aerial environment without using soil.

Ледяная пещера

Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is a spatial art installation by artist Aleksandr Ponomarev and architect Aleksey Kozyr.



The central hall of the pavilion is a dome space covered with ornamentation made up from QR-codes.

Подземный музей

Underground Museum

Once on the site of the museum, was the very first street in Moscow – the Main street (Velikaya). Now in the underground space adjacent to the Moskvoretskaya embankment, a modern interactive archaeological museum has been created.